Stefano Giacomuzzi


“The style of Stefano Giacomuzzi is essential, direct, rid of everything that is not necessary. Giacomuzzi has a great attention to framing, composition and light and he proves to have the rare ability to use details in a way that enhance the story.”

Fabiano Rosso, Segnali di Luce (2015)

“Someone may think that the common thread that runs seamlessly throughout Stefano’s entire body of work is his immaculate visual style or his attention to detail, but at heart it’s the choice of the subject that make his films genuinely compelling: Stefano is as good at telling a story visually as he is at finding such inspiring human stories.”

Paul Leonard

“Stefano has made gentle, lyrical films about practitioners of dying crafts and trades and he is brilliant at handling subjects like this in a sensitive way. Stefano’s films also show that he is a highly self-motivated and resourceful filmmaker with a professional attitude who can manage a project from conception through to final delivery.”

Simon Mansfield

“There’s never a feeling of hurry in his films so there’s time to fully ponder on images and words. In such a chaotic world it’s rare to find these calming documentaries that allow for quiet contemplation.”

Giovanni Adami



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Stefano Giacomuzzi